Sean Spicer at Apple Store

Sean Spicer at Apple Store visit that was int erupted.  Sean Spicer was ambushed while shopping at the Apple Store. There is plenty of interesting conversation going on at r/T_D on this topic. In agreement with what a Reddit user wrote, he should have pulled her to the side and told her a ‘secret’, lol. “Don’t tell anybody, but the Soviets have actually been in secret control of the USA since 1979. They got Reagan elected”


These are Sean Spicer at  Apple Store related videos, enjoy.

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  1. Sean Spicer looked like he was really cool. I am sure the line of questioning didn’t bother him in the least, but he looked concerned maybe about what the woman’s current state of mental stability is. Don’t you all make a quote at once now, lol.

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